Wycliffe Associates Help Deaf Learn Scripture

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Three members of Wycliffe Associates recently traveled to Burkina Faso, to translate the Word of God to 30 members of a local deaf church, who previously had never been able to fully understand what the Bible says.

During the five day project, thirty facilitators and students learned to read over eighty symbols, which gave them a new, and much more effective way to understand God's Word.

One of the three members of Wycliffe Associates who made the trip is missionary Stacy Shawiak, an 11-year partner with Tomoka Christian Church. Out of all the great moments that came from this trip, there was one in particular that stood above the rest for Stacy.

A 19-year-old man named Daouda, who is deaf and blind, was able to read and sign 20 symbols by the end of the trip. Several years ago, his parents were told that something like this would not be possible. By the end of Wycliffe's five day trip, Daouda read two lines of scripture and was able to sign the meaning back to the Wycliffe members. 

Wycliffe Associates is reaching people all over the world that would not be able to hear about God without the translations they make available. They are playing a key role in making sure the whole world hears about Jesus.

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