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Record number of people joined Tomoka!

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The Palm Bay campus held its first-ever Discover Tomoka on Sunday, Jan. 22. Discover Tomoka is a class for those who are interested in learning more about the church and how to get connected. Tomoka is excited to announce that 53 people from the Palm Bay campus made the decision to partner with Tomoka Christian Church through this class! View photos.

Pastor Carrie Graham teaches the 45-minute Discover Tomoka sessions, offered at both campuses on a monthly basis. Interested in attending? Visit for dates and more information.

Those who partnered with Tomoka Christian Church are listed here.

Mary Bishop

Cliff Capmon

Kenneth Conol

Mary June Conol

Mary Lou Coyle

Warren Coyle

Ingrid Carle

Richard Carle

Dave Craig

Kathy Craig

Helen Gamache

Janeen Gault

Steve Gault

Zachary Gault

Cory Hammon

Melanie Hammond

Jean Hanke

Walt Hanke

Conway Huie

Barbara Johnson

Marlin Johnson

Linda Keck

Wayne Keck

Magalina Masso

Xiomara Mejias-Curry

Caitlin Miller

Jason Miller

Allison Mosquera

Joe Mosquera

Michael Mullaney

Charlie Oldham

Paul Oldham

Kay Plew

Jason Plew

Richard Plew

Leah Plymale

Matthew Plymale

Pam Plymale

Patricia Porter

Tracy Price

Dorinda Schultz

Robert Schultz

Megan Seehaus

Barbarba Shekell

James Douglas Shekell

Cheryl Smith

Todd Smith

Connie Snider

Martha Soto

Charlie Taylor

Rachel Tobin

Julie Wattwood

Derek Wentraub




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