Ninos de Mexico Update

Posted by Tomoka Christian Church on

Ninos de Mexico has recently been blessed with many opportunities to spread the Word of God throughout Mexico. 

The organization, that shelters and ministers to orphans, has received 40 new children over the past two years, and more recently, received over $10,000 that Tomoka was able to raise for them, thanks to the generous donations that were given to Tomoka in July.

Ninos de Mexico has also been invited to preach to nine different families in La Mesa, which is a village that is approximately three hours from them.

Pedro Garcia, who has done construction at Ninos, and Juan Vasquez, who has worked with Summer groups at Ninos, have also both begun preaching at separate locations, in Garabato and Contla.

God is at work in so many ways with Ninos de Mexico, and it is exciting to see what He has in store for them next!

If you would like to support Ninos de Mexico, Tomoka will be having a golf tournament on Saturday, Nov. 10. All of the proceeds will go towards helping their efforts in Mexico City. For more information click here.

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