Church in South Sudan to be Completed

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A church in Ayeit Village, located in South Sudan, will officially open on Dec. 5, thanks to the efforts of Wade and Missy Creggar, help from members of the village and the blessings that God gave them.

According to Missy Creggar, Ayeit Community Church, which has been in the works since 2010, will be 3,200 sq. ft. That will make it the largest building in all of Twic State, where Ayeit Village is located. 

Even with all of the turmoil that has happened throughout South Sudan over the years, Ayeit Village remained safe through it all, thanks to God's protection, and the endless prayers from the Creggars.

"In all of my wildest dreams, I would have never believed that I would actually see the foundation and walls of our church become a reality," said Missy, in one of her blog posts. 

According to Missions Support Director Pat Bolles, Tomoka has been able to bless the efforts in Ayeit Village with $200 a month, since Fall 2015.

If you would like to make a donation to the efforts in Ayeit Village, you can click here.    

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