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Bike ministry is pedaling hard

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Eric, a local full-time university student from Ghana who works two jobs, was thrilled recently to receive a reconditioned Raleigh bicycle from Tomoka's bike ministry.

Tomoka's Bike Ministry is making a difference to people in need by refurbishing bicycles, then giving them to adults in need of transportation to work and school.

Bob Scott, the ministry's leader, receives donations of used bikes from the Orlando Police Department, Daytona Bike Center, Ormond Beach Patrol, and individual donors from the community. He then makes minor repairs so that the bikes are usable and safe. Last year, this ministry overhauled and gave away over 150 bikes to local adults in need.

Recently, the ministry received a large number of children's bikes, which were also reconditioned. It gave 12 children's bikes to the Children's Home Society to bless kids in the foster care system. Four adult bikes were given to support volunteers associated with the Children's Home Society, as well.

Adults wishing to be considered to receive a bike for transportation to work or school are encouraged to contact Bob Scott to schedule an appointment. Bikes are hand-selected to meet the rider's size and riding needs.

The ministry is currently looking for volunteers to help with bike repairs. Arrangements can be made to drop off and pick up bikes so that repairs can be made in your own garage or workshop. Donations of used adult bikes are always welcome as well.

Contact Bob Scott at   or 386-212-9092



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