Bahamas Mission Team Makes a Huge Impact

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Tomoka's Bahamas mission team was able to make a huge impact in the lives of local community members during their mission trip.

According to the trip leader, Keith Storms, the team was able to provide food to local families, as well as make improvements on homes in disrepair. Keith also said the highlights of the trip involved two homes they had the honor of repairing. 

One family was a household of 10, that consisted of nine children and one adult. The team repaired 25% of their roof and made bunk beds for all of the children to sleep in.

The other family was a household of seven, with five children and two adults. This family only had one bed, that all seven members of the household slept on. They also had a tin roof that was in desperate need of repair. 

The Bahamas team made all of the children bunk beds, and bought the parents a new bed that they would have all to themselves. They also re-did the entire roof, painted the house, put in shelving and more to repair this families' home. The husband of this house, Jamaal, was even given the opportunity to nail in the final shingle to his new roof.

Keith said the most rewarding part of the whole trip was seeing the appreciation given by these families, including something that Jamaal said to him after the repairs were done:

"Now I have a home."

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