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Spiritual growth happens best in the context of healthy relationships. This is why Tomoka Christian offers many Community Group options in homes and at church. Many who commit to a group end up developing friendships that last a lifetime. 

Life is better connected.

GroupLink is happening at all campuses on Aug. 25. This event will give you the opportunity to explore Tomoka’s many different Community Groups in order to get connected with the one that is perfect for you. If you’ve been looking for a fresh way to grow spiritually with fellow believers, we highly recommend attending GroupLink.

GroupLink times at each campus are as follows:

Palm Bay: 11:45 AM
 and DeLand: 5 PM

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Interested in leading a Community Group? Leadership positions are available for men's, women's and co-ed groups of all ages.

Groups are overseen by Connections Pastor Michael Stovall.

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