Ending Child Sex Slavery

    Every year, a devastating number of children all over the world are sold into sex slavery. Preventing this horrific industry from robbing children of their innocence is not an easy task, but it is one that needs to be done. One organization is taking the steps needed to make that happen, but they need your help.

    Remember Nhu has 94 homes for children in 15 countries, which currently prevent over 1,650 children from entering the sex trade, according to their website

    Their goal is to identify children who are at risk of being sold, and prevent this from happening. They provide these children with a home that has a supportive environment, and give them the opportunity to live the life that every child deserves.

    The task of ending child sex slavery is a challenging one, but through God, all things are possible.

    Opportunities to sponsor a child or donate to Remember Nhu are available. Anything you can do to support this life changing cause is greatly appreciated by Tomoka Christian Church and Remember Nhu. 



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