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For young people

The Beach
Birth through grade 5

Newborns through fifth graders learn about Jesus through lessons that guide them to live a life in line with the values the Bible teaches.

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The Forge
Middle and high school

Middle and high school students learn lessons about God that can help them understand their value and encourage them to live a life of integrity.

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Reaching teens in Palm Bay
Mar 07, 2017

Though only a few months old, Tomoka Christian’s Palm Bay campus already is deeply invested in spreading the love of Jesus to high school students of Brevard County.

David Fitzgerald

Every Thursday, Campus Pastor David Fitzgerald meets with about 75 Heritage High School students during their lunch period. It’s not simply to get acquainted or to enjoy a meal together. Pastor David has a heart for teens, and takes the opportunity to listen, share scripture and pray with them.

“God has given us a great connection at Heritage High,” David said. "But it goes beyond just the students. The Lord has opened doors to conversations with school leadership, as well."

Momentum is building, and now the campus is making additional efforts to minister to teenagers. The Forge, the Palm Bay campus' new ministry to middle and high school students, is staging special events on Sundays open to all middle and high school students. These events lead up to an official kickoff, on Sunday, April 23, of weekly Worship Nights for middle and high school students.

"We're creating a time for our students to be challenged by a relevant message with ways to apply it to their lives," David explained. On Forge Worship Nights, students can choose to arrive early to challenge a friend to a board game, Wii or ping pong, or can enjoy dinner with friends.

"The Forge is a place where students can invite their peers to experience Jesus for the first time," said Pastor David.

In advance of the April 23 kickoff, The Forge will offer events not just on campus, but all over the area in an effort to connect with teens outside the church. Upcoming events include:

  • Sunday, March 12 – Student Ministry Cookout: 3-6 p.m. at Palm Bay Regional Park.
  • Sunday, March 19 – Kickball Tournament: 4:30-6:30 p.m. at Tomoka’s Palm Bay campus.
  • Sunday, March 26 – Student Ministry Cookout: 3-6 p.m. at West Oaks Park.
  • Sunday, April 2 – Ultimate Frisbee: 4:30-6:30 p.m. at the Palm Bay campus.
  • Sunday, April 9 – Game night: 4:30-6:30 p.m. at the Palm Bay campus.
  • Sunday, April 16 – Easter - no activities
  • Sunday, April 23 – Official kickoff of weekly Forge Worship Nights for teens from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m.
  • Sunday, April 30 – Warner Christian Academy band leads worship, 4:30-6:30 p.m. at the Palm Bay campus.

Contact Kaley Baker for additional information about the Palm Bay campus or visit The Forge Student Ministry online.

Kaley Baker



Small Group Success Stories
Feb 22, 2017

A Tomoka small group meets for its weekly study at a local home.

Check out these stories from Tomoka folks, who believe joining a small group has been a great choice for them. Don't miss out on your opportunity to find similar connections at Tomoka. Sign up.

After 70 years, I finally found the true meaning of being a Christian. It started with me attending my very first Bible study at Tomoka Christian Church. I was in a group with the most wonderful women. Not only did I learn many things about the Bible that I had NEVER been taught, but I now have the closest friends that I have ever had in my life. I feel so fortunate to be a part of this small group!
-- Clair Davis

For me, being part of a small group has connected me more with my church. It has helped me grow in my relationship with God. The friendships and support I have gained from my small group are priceless!
-- Jeanne Davis

I was just thinking the other day of the friends I have in life. As I went through my mental list, starting with my childhood friends, with whom I'm still in touch, I quickly worked my way to present day and realized that the deepest, most sincere, peaceful and interesting friendships are with the people that I have met and loved from small groups. I'm so happy that I was compelled to get out of my comfort zone in 2004 and say "yes" to my first small group!
-- Bernard Bisciotti

I’d encourage anyone who’s not part of a small group to give it a try. This is where you really put down roots and learn how to grow in community while you study God’s Word. When you’re hurting and need prayer or support, this is where you’ll find it. And when others in the group need help, it gives you an opportunity to serve. I love my group and thank the Lord for the love I receive in return.
-- Patti Bisciotti

Sometimes, in a large church, it is easy to feel alone in the midst of the crowd. However, small groups are a great way to connect, foster relationships and experience life with other individuals who are a part of the larger church. We find our small group at Tomoka to be such a great source of encouragement. Not only do we learn together through studying God’s Word, we also pray for each other’s needs, and share both concerns and laughter in a safe and inviting environment that promotes meaningful relationships.
-- Tom & Patti Hinkley

Without small group studies, I would find it very difficult to connect in a big church. I’ve made lifelong friendships in the different small group fellowships I’ve attended and am thankful for the opportunities to get to know other believers on a deeper level and to grow spiritually through the interaction and challenging studies.”
-- Bruce Mayhew

Through the studies in my small group I am gaining a deeper knowledge and understanding of God's word, which helps me to grow and mature in my faith. The support my family and I receive, and have the opportunity to give, through our small group is huge!  By prayer, encouragement, and so many other ways our small group is walking with us (sometimes them carrying us and sometimes us carrying them) on this journey, as pilgrims, until we reach our real home in Heaven. That brings great comfort!  And that is why I love our small group!
-- Jim Moore

We have truly been blessed at Tomoka Christian Church through our small group. We moved to the Ormond Beach area in August from East Tennessee. We had no family or friends in this area when we moved here. By late September, we received an invitation to join a newly formed small group. The warm welcome and care was exactly what we had prayed for. We have watched the group grow quickly with additions of other families. Participating in a small group has truly made us feel like we have family and friends in our new home here.
-- Jim & Shannon Butterworth

I'm privileged to lead the high school/college age young men's group. I love being around this group because they bring energy to me and we can talk about topics that there is seldom a place for this type of discussion. We have become a real family.
-- Joe Putting

A little over two years ago my wife and I started attending Tomoka Christian Church. During the first several months we attended, we had few friends at church. We decided that we needed to get involved in the small group ministry. Since that time we have become involved in two small groups. The friendships we have developed in our small groups have become like family to us. We love the fact that we have people we can share with and help. We are learning to love each other as the Lord Jesus commanded us to. It is our strong hope that everyone would be part of a small group!
-- William Hogue

Being part of Tomoka and part of small groups is a true blessing. Thank you so much to our small group leaders for opening up their doors to us and for facilitating the fellowship that we have as the body.  We enjoy being there for one another as fellow brothers and sisters, similar to the New Testament house church.
-- Ileana Cantillo


Giving is the new receiving
Jan 31, 2017

The Souper Bowl Food Drive at services on Feb. 4 & 5 netted 1,300 lbs. of food for Tomoka's Food Pantry. Gifts of food for the Pantry continue to be collected in the Donation Station throughout February.


Brooke Stoll, of Riverbend Church and Academy, recently celebrated her 7th birthday by having a party with friends. She asked each party guest to bring in food items to benefit Tomoka Christian's Food Pantry in lieu of gifts.

Brooke and her older sister, Kate, recently dropped off the various food donations, which filled the entire trunk. The large amount of food will bless those in need and give individuals and families the ability to enjoy a delicious meal.

Email Pantry Director



Breaking ground in Tanzania
Jan 30, 2017

Tomoka is honored to financially support the work of many organizations all over the world that are working for Jesus. Below is a report from Jeff Reed, one of the mission leaders, sharing about growth Tomoka has helped fund.

This week the Haven of Peace Christian Church in Morogoro, Tanzania, broke ground for its church building on new property in the city. This picture shows church members setting corner pieces that hold the string, to square up the building. Also they are digging holes to set posts for a 30x40 foot shelter, which will serve as their temporary structure while building the permanent building over the next couple years.

The property is in the middle of several neighborhoods where thousands of people live. It is easy to get to, not far from downtown and most of our church members can easily walk or commute there.

For many years, this neighborhood lot was used by its owners as a makeshift bar. They brewed and sold local whiskey out of sheds. Consequently, this area was known to police as being plagued with drunken brawlers, prostitutes and purse snatchers. The community was relieved when the church purchased the property and began to clean it up.

The church members and leadership know that this property was set aside for them, for God’s good purposes, and in answer to their prayers. What a blessing to see God’s providence and provision for our brothers and sisters in Christ as they serve the Lord and reach out to build up their community!


Record number of people joined Tomoka!
Jan 23, 2017

The Palm Bay campus held its first-ever Discover Tomoka on Sunday, Jan. 22. Discover Tomoka is a class for those who are interested in learning more about the church and how to get connected. Tomoka is excited to announce that 53 people from the Palm Bay campus made the decision to partner with Tomoka Christian Church through this class! View photos.

Pastor Carrie Graham teaches the 45-minute Discover Tomoka sessions, offered at both campuses on a monthly basis. Interested in attending? Visit for dates and more information.

Those who partnered with Tomoka Christian Church are listed here.

Mary Bishop

Cliff Capmon

Kenneth Conol

Mary June Conol

Mary Lou Coyle

Warren Coyle

Ingrid Carle

Richard Carle

Dave Craig

Kathy Craig

Helen Gamache

Janeen Gault

Steve Gault

Zachary Gault

Cory Hammon

Melanie Hammond

Jean Hanke

Walt Hanke

Conway Huie

Barbara Johnson

Marlin Johnson

Linda Keck

Wayne Keck

Magalina Masso

Xiomara Mejias-Curry

Caitlin Miller

Jason Miller

Allison Mosquera

Joe Mosquera

Michael Mullaney

Charlie Oldham

Paul Oldham

Kay Plew

Jason Plew

Richard Plew

Leah Plymale

Matthew Plymale

Pam Plymale

Patricia Porter

Tracy Price

Dorinda Schultz

Robert Schultz

Megan Seehaus

Barbarba Shekell

James Douglas Shekell

Cheryl Smith

Todd Smith

Connie Snider

Martha Soto

Charlie Taylor

Rachel Tobin

Julie Wattwood

Derek Wentraub



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